Crossings to other refuges:
  • To the Soria refuge(1840 m.), tel. 0171 97 83 82, over the colle di Fenestrelle (2463 m), difficulty E, 3.00 hrs.

  • To the Morelli refuge(2430 m.), tel.0171 97 394 over the colle di Chiapous (2526 m), difficulty E, 3.30 hrs.

  • To the Remondino refuge(2430 m.), tel. 0171 97 327, over the passo di Brocan , (2892 m.) difficulty E, 4.00 hrs.

  • To the Cougourde refuge(2090 m.), tel. 0033 493 03 26 00 over the colle della Rovina (2724 m.) difficulty EE, 4.30 hrs.

Main peaks around the refuge:

  • Cima Sud dell’Argentera (3297 m.): the highest peak in the range, magnificent views, 5.00 hrs, difficulty PD-, exposed stretch after the passo dei Detriti.

  • Cima Nord dell’Argentera (3286 m.): reached by crossing the altopiano del Baus, 5.00 hrs, majestic surroundings, difficulty F.

  • Cima dell’Agnel (2927 m.): via the bassa dell’Agnel, 3.30 hrs, a worthwhile peak on the Italy-France border, early in the season there may be snow on the route.

  • Cima Brocan (3054 m.): by the south-east gully or the north ridge, depending on snow cover, 4.00 hrs, difficulty PD.

  • Il Baus (3067 m.): from the altopiano del Baus, 4.00 hrs, another magnificent view-point over the valley.

  • Punta Ciamberline (2792 m.): 3.00 hrs, enjoyable outing to a peak that poses few problems.

  • Cima della Valletta scura (2862 m.): over the colle della Rovina, 4.00 hrs, few technical difficulties, panoramic.
Climbs on classic routes:

There are numerous classic climbs, because of current climbing trends they are not much used. Some are mentioned here, for a full list and descriptions see the bibliography.

  • Cima del Baus, Torre Patrizia, Sperone della solitudine, 700 m. , D+: very nice route, one of the most interesting climbs in the Maritime Alps, opened in 1979 partially equipped.

  • Cima del Baus, Sperone Silvia, 400 m., difficulty TD: great route, more difficult than the former, it leads into the easier Sperone Bruna in the upper part.

  • Cima nord dell’Argentera, east ridge, 350 m., difficulty D: opened by S. Savio in 1977 an interesting alternative to the normal route to the cima Nord.

Modern climbs:

On the path to the Genova refuge you will pass below several routes. They are one or two lengths and range from 5+ to 6°b.

La falaise del Genova:

A few minutes from the refuge a crag that was bolted by Cesare Ravaschietto an excellent area for training in safety or for children on their first approach to climbing.


Plenty of good rocks in the grass around the refuge are well suited to this ever more popular activity.

Snow gullies, sci alpinismo:

  • Cima dell’Agnel (2927 m.), west gully, difficulty AD-: good climb normally best in May and June, according to snow conditions and refuge accessibility, currently popular with many skiers. .

  • Cima di Brocan (3054 m.), east gully, difficulty AD-: interesting, seek information regarding snow conditions beforehand.

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